WAALD - Our world is a narrative world!

Our ASSIGNO Ecosystem Member WAALD has been developing strategic narratives for the technological, economic, political and cultural sectors since 2012. WAALD supports top decision-makers in all fields from strategy development to the implementation of their strategic agenda.

We live in a world where little is achieved by facts alone: only narratives create the bigger picture.


360 Gradus Design

360 Gradus Design is a boutique creative studio that helps organizations elevate their brand and underline their competitive advantage by providing completely unique visual and content resources. We are obsessed with originality, quality and attention to detail. Work with us if you want to craft authentic brand experiences which engages and inspires your audience in every place they see your brand.

Awesome creative seals the deal! We can shape all of your brands visuals and content in a way that will excite your customers, prospects and bottom-line.



“Make A Customer, Not A Sale.” – Katherine Barchetti

The digital evolution has changed how organizations conduct business, including sales.  Buyers increasingly research products prior to contact with a sales person and direct access to products bypassing anyone in sales has never been easier.  This has shifted the power from the seller to the buyer.

Companies need to model this in their GTM model to be effective, be it direct, channel or hybrid approach.

Complex products require properly trained people to understand the stages of the customer buyer process and how to develop approaches to different stakeholders at different stages of the process.  This is a specialised undertaking. 

Commodity products requiring broad routes to market need to partner with the right online channels but also with channel partners who can add value and complimentary offerings.  Working through channel partners and online requires an back end infrastructure to support it which requires a structured process and resource if to be successful.

We have defined sales organisations, commission schemes, the roles required and the job descriptions to fill those roles along with the back-end sales infrastructure to support it, such as inside sales, pre-sales and channel program. 


“Translation is not a matter of words only: it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture.” - Anthony Burgess

Translation is not just translating, it is localisation that matters and translation is an important part of localisation but still only one component. Localisation is about the ability to understand the nuances of local markets and then to transform it into the language of the target audience.

Localisation is key for any business that aims to promote its services or products in an international market, or for any company that wants to expand its presence internationally.

We know that localisation can only be properly done by people that are native speakers and also understand the message. This is why we have carefully selected our certified member of the Assigno Ecosystem of True Synergies, EOTS. Our members follow the Assigno approach by being close to the customer during the complete process, i.e. from the definition of the scope and understanding of the content until the conclusion of the project. A close communication with the customer during the process is essential to ensure the highest level of quality.

5idiomas - The Localisation Experts

Our Ecosystem Member 5idiomas is your reliable partner for translation and interpreting services.
5idiomas is synonymous with highest quality and strive to provide solutions reflecting mother tongue fluency. As a network, 5idiomas has access to specialists who satisfy all requirements in a wide variety of specialized areas.

Top class institutions and companies rely on 5idiomas.





"Never hire someone who knows less than you do about what he’s hired to do."  Malcom Forbes, Forbes. 

Most organisations hire people from their industry in the same roles in competitor companies and then wonder why they leave or are replaced several years later.

This has become a perennial problem in most organisations where they hire for experience instead of skill and ability.   This has become even more pernicious with the advent of AI and algorithms preselecting candidates in the process.

If we look at some industries where there are skill shortages and they have been forced to look at other industries for skill sets we see organisations that have become richer from both a cultural and also financial point of view.  When there is no status quo to follow, a diversity of views brings new solutions to existing problems. 

Our experience in precision-hiring may be a longer initial route to finding the right people, but churn, culture, cost and company reputation become the beneficiaries.

n'cloud - Swiss Made and Swiss Based Cloud Solution 

n'cloud Virtual Office Business & Homeoffice provides comprehensive Workplace-as-a-Service-Solutions, including a wide set of applications and services covering all elements that are needed to run a business.


Connectivity and infrastructure in Europe and Asia.

The Swiss Computerline is specialized in customized solutions and operates low-latency fiber-channels connecting Europe and Asia. Based on individual wishes and requirements of their clients, Computerline is able to offer customized services with the highest quality, reliability and efficiency.